In the world of Digital Signage, Content is ‘KING’ dsss - In the world of Digital Signage, Content is King When we talk about a digital signage network, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most people think of digital signage purely in terms of technology solutions, but very few consider the element that the success of the network depends on – and that is the content strategy. Ever heard the saying, “content is King”? Well as cliché as it sounds, it is the truth. You could have the best digital signage network money can buy, with the best media players, HD displays and clever management systems, but if your content is not engaging enough you will never reach your target audience the way you want. And you will not achieve the desired business objective and results. Consider it this way; If you created a radio commercial, TV program, or newspaper advertisement you would make sure it is engaging, serving your audience’s need and looks just as professional as your competitor’s presentation. So why would you not do the same when it comes to your digital signage platform? You need great content to create an engaging environment where people are willing to interact with your digital signage. In today’s technology-orientated world a ‘PowerPoint’ presentation simply doesn’t cut it anymore when creative agencies are creating content like augmented reality, 3D movies and holographic animations. Society is becoming more expecting in terms of what they ‘see’ and ‘interact’ with. They want to experience the content and be captured by it. This in essence means that you have to think about your content FIRST before making decisions on technology. Let your content strategy shape your technology decisions to ensure your digital signage platform will be able to handle any content requirements you might throw at it. The last thing you want is your technology putting constraints on your content and programming possibilities. Business people are usually not professional communicators, and that is why it is imperative to partner with a digital signage expert who not only understands how the technology works, but have a keen sense of content creation specific to digital signage platforms. Most advertising agencies can create great content but have little understanding of the technology, how it works, its capabilities or the environment the target audience will find themselves in. It’s for this reason it is imperative to make sure your digital signage provider has the understanding and creative resources to assist you in creating dynamic and engaging content for your digital signage network. They can also assist your advertising agencies and train them on the finer details of content creation for a DSN platform. This brings us to budget… As important it is to buy quality products for the technology side of your digital signage network, it is just as important to allocate the correct budget for the design and content side of the network. It pays to spend a bit of time to graphically design your layouts and content, but this means that you need the financial resources to pay for these services at an ongoing basis. Content needs to be updated constantly or it will quickly become outdated, stale and boring, which in turn will result in your target audience losing interest in it and the effectiveness of your digital signage network losing its appeal. At Global Access we have professional account managers who understand the content side of a digital signage network and can assist you in creating a full content strategy for your platform. Apart from that we also have our own ‘in-house’ creative agency that specializes in content creation for digital signage platforms so we will ensure your target audience is blown away by the content you display on your screens. One of our most important services to our digital signage clients is our content scheduling and management facility, done via our National Operation Centre (NOC), situated in Johannesburg. From here we can schedule your content to display based on region, site specific or time specific requirements – segmenting your content and target messages effectively for maximum impact and reach. Global Access offers a true end to end digital signage solution.

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