newsletterJuneimg1 - Out With The Old and In With Video

Using video, TV broadcast and Global Access’ Creative Agency for training and development

Using video as a tool to supplement and scale corporate employee training programs is not a particularly new idea, however organisations still consistently choose to invest ever more in travel costs and physical classrooms rather than shareable, scalable video training. Why is this? The short answer is that it differs with each organization. Some businesses are comfortable banking on methods that have been tried and tested and have worked before, using the infamous “if it aint broke don’t fix it” rationale. Some are happy to just check the box and consider Learning and development “covered.” Others just don’t make it easy for teams to experiment with new methodologies. Global Access’ Creative Agency has been helping organizations change their thinking when it comes to Video Training. When used correctly, video can dramatically influence a training environment. Thanks to Global Access’ internal Creative Agency consisting of world class graphic designers, animators, and digital content creators, our unique approach to Video-based training stimulates, engages and entertains people, triggering them to think, feel and do things differently. It allows complex ideas, to be put across in a short space of time, using an array of creative film, animation and graphics concepts. With facilities which include state of the art Editing Suites, a Final Mix recording suite as well as fully HD equipped studios at their disposal, our experienced film makers, creative directors, script writers, producers and engineers, can transform what may seem like a simple and relatively artless training and development video, into something remarkable that will engage employees and even make them forget they’re watching a training video! newsletterJuneimg2 - Out With The Old and In With Video Training videos are no longer just about an individual speaking monotonously into a camera for hours on end. With our multifaceted Creative Agency, training videos are transformed into charming, entertaining episodes of 3D animation, imaginative graphic design, re-enactments with professional actors and extras, a 560m2 studio space, or on location, anything goes! Gone are the days where training is one dimensional and non-engaging. Video-based training takes training to your employees, be it their desks and offices, or even places outside of the office. With the combination of Global Access’ Webstream platform and private DSTV channel, broadcasts can be received anywhere worldwide. Employees can log-on to a custom made site and simply press play for a live Webstream, or alternatively tune into DSTV channel 901 where they can engage with trainers, through immediate communication including SMS, fax, e-mail, social media and live phone calls. And because we control the DSTV smartcards, we manage your viewership and ensure that only your approved viewers will be able to view your broadcast on our channel, ensuring complete content privacy and protection. In addition, our video on demand solution allows employees quick access to a library of video assets that can also be skillfully managed by tracking viewer statistics. products television - Out With The Old and In With Video Our Video Production skills and various distribution platforms are completely changing the face of Learning and Development for Corporates. If you’re ready to take the leap and make learning Realtime, Engaging and Effective, then speak to our team who are ready to help you on the journey.

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