Workers Day - Happy Employee, Happy Employer!

Global Access would like to start off by affirming the dignity of all the people working towards making the South African republic a greater place for all!


With that being said, we think its fundamental to rank employee welfare as the highest order in achieving sustained business success.

  If you are a part of the working class, chances are you have experienced the adverse effects of poor communication in the workplace. In any organisation, people are the most important resource. They are the engine that drives productivity and results and therefore their sense of morale and motivation will impact the company’s success so when information is conveyed insufficiently or inaccurately, it can affect employee morale negatively, causing a decline in workplace productivity. In worst case scenarios, things can go as far as crucial tasks not getting done and organisational goals failing to be met. In a factory environment for example, utilizing Global Access’s dynamic digital Signage as a form of effective communication on the factory floor and other areas can be incredibly resourceful. It’s important to realise that effective communications is not only limited to intranet, workshops, newsletters, overflowing emails and lackluster notice boards. It helps to have a platform where factory workers feel included, in the know, and as equally vital in the organisation as everybody else. Global Access’s Digital Signage can be used to relay an array of interesting resourceful information in an innovative and creative manner; it’s what we do. dsss - Happy Employee, Happy Employer! Whether it is corporate content such as brand commercials, new product announcements, and special events in the case of a factory that has international quarters, or local content that encompasses things such as safety information, plant production, information on the success of other plants; and so much more! Global Access can give you the gift of forward thinking, tailored content, interactive digital touchscreens or video walls and also complete management of every detail, giving you one less problem. Global Access can provide imaginative content creation and enable content updates on-demand. Our in-house Creative Agency has extensive experience in digital content creation and takes the time to understand your needs in order to provide the appropriate solutions. They do things differently too, to ensure that the content displayed on your screens is fresh and exciting; using 3D graphics and animation, real actors in role plays, short skits and anything else you decide you would like incorporated as part of your message. With digital content it is vital to remember that it should be created specifically for the end medium as well as taking into account the environment it will be placed in. The Global Access Creative Agency understands that playlist content for corporate headquarters and the factory floor cannot be the same because information needs are bound to be different. We also understand that that the way content is created will affect the measurement of success for each content piece. p17jac5uvm7p610n51jij1g6g11f60 38016 - Happy Employee, Happy Employer! The role of the manufacturing facilities worker will change in coming years due to the increased use of digital technology on the factory floor and industrial sector. Because of this, you can demonstrate the value placed in your employees. You know how they say “happy wife, happy life”? Why not live by a similar mantra; perhaps happy employee, happy employer? Give it some    

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