augtv 1024x427 - Top Tips for internal communication using broadcast With 2016 fast approaching, planning for your internal communication strategy might be top of mind (right after Christmas shopping, holidays at the coast and New Year’s resolutions). So take a moment to consider – cost savings in the thousands.  Imagine reducing the 2016 budget spend and yet reaching more employees than ever before. It’s all about engaging your audience LIVE. You can only do this through three methods:
  • Travelling the country on Roadshows for Face to Face communication
  • Hosting complicated conference call communication
  •  Or simply by broadcasting your message on a private channel on DStv to potentially anywhere in the world
Global Access Broadcasts have been helping Corporate SA speak to their employees for years. altAviOEIFRr416CeS4BmxXjxGwpdkl Sh2w0uxFJ5MbWhd 300x169 - Top Tips for internal communication using broadcast     altAgqexTutwqPX3L 41zh5CHxpVv2 9dvOzQD8b9poDBhP 300x169 - Top Tips for internal communication using broadcast Does it cost a lot? Not really when you consider the cost savings when you don’t have to fly your management team around South Africa to speak at ten different venues.  When worked to a per head cost a live broadcast to everyone everywhere can be as little as R5 a head depending on the number of employees.  

altAlA5YlG5LItKgh0 mQsAhfOaeEsojsFUELbNB8s2KblA 169x300 - Top Tips for internal communication using broadcastSold on the broadcast model? Here some tips for making it work for you:

  1. Involve at least one member from your Senior Management team on the broadcast, an audience needs to hear from their leadership.
  2. Make sure that your communication is Transparent, involve key people to discuss strong topics eg. Bring the Unions in to discuss wage issues.
  3. Keep content interesting and relevant, like any TV audience, your staff have short attention spans, so make it worth their while.
  4. Make your content interactive by using Social Media, sms, e-mail and live phone calls.
  5.  Incentivize viewers by having regular giveaways, we all love a freebie.
  6.  And most important, Plan, Plan, Plan – no broadcast event happens well without thorough planning, so bring the experts in if you need the help, and let us take your Internal  Communication to the next level.

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