Creativity and imagination are becoming the primary creators of economic value in our ever moving, ever changing world. Ideas and innovation are the currency of success. As Meg Whitman, CEO of HP says, “We’re now living in an Idea Economy where success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.” euro 447214 1920 e1461227860382 300x190 - A Business of ImaginationA prime example of this is the iPod. It was successful not only because of the technology associated with it but rather on the imagination put into it. Mp3 players had been around before the iPod and weren’t that successful, yet the iPod was. Was it the software, the intuitive interface or was it the business innovation of the companion iTunes online music store? Apple made the connection between ideas and reality which found a gap in their market. They used an idea to gain leverage and earn profits, they used their imagination to fuel the cash flow of their business. Imagination as a currency isn’t a completely fresh idea as it was first presented by designer and writer Charlie Magee in 1993 in his essay ‘The Age of Imagination: Coming Soon to a Civilization Near  You.’ “Everywhere you look, everywhere you listen, the entire “civilized” world is trying to understand, to plan for, and to profit… The most successful groups throughout human history have had one thing in common: when compared to their competition they had the best system of communication.” Businesses have been so busy trying to outthink, out innovate and out create their competitors, that a simple, cost-effective and innovative idea has been forgotten.  The use of visual communication to connect.  A new window of opportunity has been opened recently by the dawn of the digital age and to seize this chance, we have to think of technology as an extension of our own creativity—not as an artificial force created by a few people and consumed by everyone else. Today businesses that are not digitally involved will be left by the wayside. But this race in digital has meant that some people have left the human experience behind. And what is the most human of all experiences? Connecting and communicating not just with customers but also staff. personal 358067 1920 e1461227914870 300x169 - A Business of ImaginationBusinesses need to find shareable, scalable solutions to their communications and marketing strategies.  To ensure they don’t get left behind in this area where creativity is key. Using video to supplement corporate employee training programs and spread business messaging  is not a new idea and yet organisations still choose to invest in more expensive solutions which never reach everyone. Solutions which involve heavy transport costs and where you can’t be sure who is engaging or even if your organisation is connecting with everyone. Why? Is it the fact that some businesses look for that level of comfort from tried and tested methods that worked for many years? Or they are merely checking the box that their communication and marketing is ‘covered’.  Your customers and the people who work for your business no longer think that way! Social media and emerging mobile technologies have forever changed the landscape of human interaction. No longer will people wait hours, let alone days, for a response from clients or customers.  They are searching for engagement, connection and they want it quickly and in an easily accessible form. So what does that mean? Technologies like broadcasting and web streaming will help solve these problems. It allows staff quick access to information and gives them the space to interact through sms, social media and email to name a few. Your communication then steps into this collaborative space where your employees are engaged and can focus on your businesses next big idea.human 1334446 1920 1024x723 - A Business of Imagination Mostly, the shape of the future is reliant on the ability to think ahead and communicate those thoughts through digital mediums. In an age where imagination and ideas are used as viable business models, why are you not looking at a company with the capabilities to go on this journey of helping you create real time, engaging, effective and imaginative communication. Global Access is an innovative digital media and content solution provider. Call us today and let us assist you through our various distribution channels to connect and collaborate with your audience.

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