Global Access as established Virtual Reality and 360 degree video creators has over the past six months been on an experiential journey. Experimenting and discovering within the Virtual Reality sphere and now their Creative Agency is on a mission to bring a new reality to South African businesses and exciting possibilities for communication. VR And 360 Degree Video Whats the difference - Virtual Reality and the Full 360 degrees

But what is Virtual Reality?

And what is the difference between a 360 degree video and a Virtual Reality (VR) video? VR and 360 degree video are both clumped under the banner of “Virtual Reality” but are fundamentally different. Virtual Reality is an immersive computer generated environment that you can physically walk around in and interact with – much like a computer game. Unlike 360 degree video which is a cinematic video experience where you can look around in all directions but have limited to no interactive capacity. Got it? What makes both of these so difficult to understand on paper is that it is really only once you experience them that the difference becomes apparent. 360 degree video is the more accessible of the two as it can be accessed on any smartphone via YouTube or Facebook which increases its scope of business use. Some of the benefits of 360: It transports the viewer somewhere they can’t otherwise be. The CEO can visit a distant work site with the click of a button instead of a four day site visit. Colleagues from across the globe can tour the new Headquarters anywhere in the world. One 360 degree video tour can be accessed by millions of people and because the sensation is so ‘real’ they can feel as if they’ve been on a personal tour. The retention of information is far greater than any other form of communication as the viewer is there ‘inside’ the presentation, according to the IEEE Virtual reality for training: evaluating knowledge retention. VR and 360 degree video might seem expensive, complicated and hard-to-do, but Global Access proves that these new mediums are none of those. As one of very few companies in South Africa capable of producing both VR and 360 degree video, Global Access recognizes the utility and impact of these new mediums and produces cost-effective VR and 360 degree video.Heading into a month of shooting 360 degree videos for a diverse list of clients in industries ranging from the industrial sector to the maritime sector, from tourism to banking and at the same time working on more Virtual Reality projects for a similar range of clients. The question isn’t when is VR and 360 degree video coming, it’s a question of – what are you doing to join the revolution? “A story doesn’t POINT you there, it PUTS you there. In a sense, a story is a form of transportation. It lifts you from where you are reading and carries you to another time and another place.” Roy Peter Clark – Journalist and one of the Directors of the Poynter Institute. Replace reading with watching and VR and 360 degree video are the ultimate expression of this sentiment. Global Access is at the forefront of providing 360 degree video stories and facilitating journeys into the realm of Virtual reality. Global Access is at the forefront of providing 360 degree video stories and facilitating journeys into the realm of Virtual reality. This type of content is a whole new form of communication that’s changing the way we do business. It allows your audiences to actively engage with your content and experience it first-hand and up close. Want your audience to engage and become part of your content? Contact us on 011 350 6111 or Want to see a 360 degree video teaser? Here it is

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