The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place – George Bernard Shaw


How often has this rung true in your organization? The smallest businesses can share information organically but larger enterprises with different teams who are not in the same office or even the same province, have a lot more trouble.

team 965097 1920 - Internal Communications, As seen on TV.

Good internal communications makes business sense. It creates a committed, well-performing workforce who actively work towards their companies success.

head 776681 1920 - Internal Communications, As seen on TV.You have a great internal communications team who have a vital message to share that they know will get your employees engaged and excited. But how can you make sure you reach everyone and engage with them all at the same time? Roadshows are costly, time consuming and planning nightmares. Emails get moved to the deleted folder without being read. Employees are not getting the message. With 65%[1] of the population and your organisations workforce learning through visuals, why have internal communications remained trapped within the words of emails or the annexes of the company intranet. The answer to ensuring your message is delivered has been in your office, your canteen and your workplace the whole time. TV. Visual and video is the leading way to deliver content and your message so that your audience retains the information, however no employee wants to sit through and watch a 5 minute video that took 15 minutes to watch due to buffering from the stress it put on your network. Utilize a medium that is already in your business and your employees are used to. A medium that contributes to employee engagement and attracts employee attention. Your Message, As seen on TV. Use broadcast and your own business tv content to make sure that your communication is a reality and not an illusion. Internal communication teams need to start thinking of employees as an audience, an audience who wants to be entertained, engaged and most of all to interact. Good internal communication flows both ways and with broadcast you have the capability to discuss with your employee-audience, through Social Media, Sms and email to name a few. When they are a part of the process and understand, 91%[2] of employees will work towards the success of your business compared to the 23% that work towards success without understanding.JHB Water Broadcast 29 July 3 - Internal Communications, As seen on TV. Build understanding and communication through a recognized and cost effective medium. Simplify complex messages, record key moments, train your workforce or provide product updates, in fact the possibilities are endless with your own private broadcast to your employees. Looking to communicate to all your staff at the same time in an efficient, affordable and most of all engaging way, chat to us about our Private DStv channel and how Broadcast can enhance your connection with your employees. Secure and private, you choose your audience and invite them to experience and engage with your message and company culture, as seen on tv. The art of communication is the language of leadership – James Humes [1] Richard Felder’s research study on engineering students in the eighties that resulted in a standardized test called the Index of Learning Styles (ILS) [2] Temkin Group Research

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