Many businesses focus on corporate roadshows as their main form of communication, travelling across the continent and delivering their message from branch to branch, head office to head office. Surely there is a more effective not to mention more affordable way? We have the solution. Global Access understands the effects and challenges within the South African economy and that businesses need to find ways to cut costs whilst still maintaining visible leadership and communicating to their staff. Using our private DSTV channel, your business can speak to your whole company at the same time for a fraction of the cost. Whether you need to deliver training, crisis communication or your financial year end results, broadcast is your quick, simple and affordable solution to ensure all your staff are informed and engaged. Contact us and we can tailor make a broadcast solution for you, enabling you to engage, enhance, and improve your employee communications and above all else see the difference the cost savings will have on your businesses bottom line. Bus roadshow costs 1 - How much does a Business Communications Roadshow really cost?  

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