567 1 1024x653 - How to make the most of your digital signage these holidays The festive season is arguably the most important retail period, emotions are high, shopping centres are packed, and potential customers are distracted and rushing to get their shopping done. Digital Signage allows you to engage with customers on an emotional level but also catch their attention. If used properly can make your campaign stand out from your peers.

Here are our 5 tips to make the most of your Digital Signage

  1. Get going early

Starting early allows you to build awareness of what you are offering as well as creates anticipation amongst your customers. And don’t feel limited to just your DSN displays in stores, place that content on social media to give it extra legs and provide familiarity to what customers will see in store.
  1. Personalisation

Key to a great customer experience is making it personal, connecting with them on different emotional levels is not only powerful but persuasive. Touch screen displays can be used to personalise gifts, or provide recommendations on gift ideas for that difficult to please relative.
  1. The offer

Presenting your products in an attractive but easy to understand format not only engages the customer, but also reduces the chance of frustrating them in trying to search for your deals and offers. A narrative works well when presenting your offer, the animations can catch their eyes, and animated elements can take the customer on a journey.
  1. Be different

What makes you stand out from your competitors? Testimonials is a quick way to build confidence in your company and gives the customers the impression the company is endorsed. Show how past festive seasons have taken customer’s best interest to heart. With the amount of retail noise happening, it is important to quickly give customers an idea of who your brand is, and what they are getting from you that makes you stand out.
  1. Keep it fresh

Digital signage allows you to update content live and anywhere, in a matter of minutes, use this to your advantage over your competitors and keep your content fresh and up to date with the latest information. Whether it is a last minute deal, or the need to entertain customers that are waiting in the checkout queue that has gotten far too long, your screens are your best tool to keep customers informed and in the know. Global Access takes the hassle of trying to engage your customers for you, giving you the tools to do what you do best. Take a look at some of our options here.     Photo usage: Business card image created by Ijeab – Freepik.com  

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