winning digtial engagement strategy 300x200 - Winning Digital Customer Engagement TacticsMany businesses mistaken Digital Customer Engagement to be a mere IT system change or upgrade but the reality of the matter is that it’s a transformation process which requires commitment from the business as a whole. Industries that have embraced digital engagement include financial services, retailers, telecoms and parastatals and many others.  In this digital era, in order to remain relevant, it is important to make the transition as it has many benefits to engaging with your customers in a convenient, a meaningful way without any boundaries. When customers are not engaged or see no value in their interaction with your brand, they simply stop engaging and interacting with your business. The key driver to effective digital engagement with every customer is to strategically manage every channel or touch-point across your organization.

There are three stages to effective digital customer engagement

Stage 1: Start by doing in-depth analysis of your customers. Know their behaviours, interests and needs. Keeping a pulse on why your customers are doing business with you is very crucial to formulating the best way to grab their attention. What keeps them awake at night? What are their primary needs and what can you do to meet them?
Stage 2 Understanding how to best engagement with your customer: Personalise your customer engagement methodology by humanising your communication. Communicate with your customers in a language and a tone in which they can relate to.
Stage 3:  Craft a message intended to address the needs of your target audience. This is the golden rule of communication allowing you to engage with your target audience in a powerful way. If you are not speaking to their immediate needs or if you are using the wrong platform, then you are missing the mark but ensure that your messages add value to your customer and can make their experience better.
Some examples of how digital customer engagement can be used include the Integration of technology to give access to a wider range of functions, evolving from simple information points into self-service kiosks. In a retail environment digital signage can be used to handle in-store customer queries and challenges. Customers can be informed and educated on product information, sales promotions and in-store competitions to driving sales. Auto queueing systems are used to manage and streamline queues improving customer waiting periods. The type of engagement platform depends on the objectives of your engagement strategy. Global Access helps organisations to achieve high levels in customer engagement.