People Talking - How to increase staff engagement in your organisation
The purpose of every business is to provide a service and value to its customers and in doing so, make profit, saves costs, and increase operational efficiency. However, one of the biggest challenges facing large organisations is the competition for the best talent and staff retention.

Effective Internal communication is the cornerstone of every organisation, yet in most organisations; the employees are disengaged and feel disconnected to the vision of the company because communication is not streamlined across the organisation. Anthony Robbins stated that the way in which we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.  

Billions of Rands are spent annually by corporates on traveling and accommodation related expenses for the movement of staff to different locations on business related engagements. These not only have financial implications but also have an impact on the quality of employees’ lives, and on overall business performance.

Forward thinking companies have already identified smarter ways to use digital technology to boost staff morale, enhance employee engagement and organisational efficiency.  You can debate that emails are a great way to keep communication flowing across the organisation, however in this day and age of digital clutter, staff‘s response and access to emails varies from one person to the next, depending on the job role, availability and other factors.    

There is also a group of employees who have no access to emails, missing important communication and urgent announcements at the intended period. Growing firms are bridging the gap to bring remote employees, distributed teams and constantly traveling employees together in a cost-effective seamless way, by leveraging on the power of private broadcasting, video recording and streaming.  

These can be used to communicate to employees in times of crisis management; rolling out new systems or processes, and for training and development purposes. These technologies help organisations communicate a tailored-made message to their intended audience in a secure environment at their own time.

For large companies, addressing staff at the same time ensures everyone is kept up to date and is on the same page on operational changes and developments. “Engagement is about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential”-David Macleod Co-author of ‘The Extra Mile: How to engage your people to win’. As Global Access, our purpose is to help organisations stay connected with their people and create a sense of belonging in an organisation, in real time and with no limitations. Our MD, Brad Wilson, once said, “The importance of a, clear, message cannot be underestimated” and that is what we strive to achieve across all our solutions.


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