As the festive season is upon us, businesses need to be ahead of the game when it comes to communicating any changes to their operating hours. It Is important to employ tools to prepare customers for interruptions or changes to amplify business success amid this hectic holiday season

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There are various ways to communicate about festive season store hours and holiday related operations changes. It is advisable to begin preparing your customers well ahead of the holiday and send a reminder closer to the holiday. We have put together some best practices to consider for driving communication:

  1. Signage. Consider the client that might walk by your store on a regular basis. Hang a sign on the entryway, window, or implement a digital signage system that easily updates this information, as and when you need to. Global Access provides digital signage solutions that assist you in communicating with your customers through attention-grabbing display screens.
  2. Social Media Updates. Utilizing your social media channels to post updates as a reminder about holiday hours is also a best practice to consider.
  3. Add a note to your email signature. This takes minimal time and effort and is highly effective.
  4. Sending an email or newsletter to your customer list is also a good way to communicate and inform them of these changes.

It is vital to maintain consistent communication with your customers as this builds trust and loyalty. This shows that you are thoughtful of your customers by saving them time and energy. You also minimise the possible loss of sales from customers that unexpectedly find you closed. Communicating beforehand ensures that you reap positive results and maximise on business growth.

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