There is no doubt that the recent COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we go about life and work. During these times, digital signage plays an even bigger role than before. Quickly sharing important health and safety information with real-time updates is vital in keeping employees and customers safe and informed.

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Here are 6 ways Digital Signage can benefit you and your organization:

  1. Educate and create awareness
    Combat misinformation by displaying accurate and correct COVID 19 information to your audience. Display a visual representation of the current statistics for a lasting impact.
  2. Offer way finding
    Lessen public interaction by displaying a virtual information desk and floor maps. This also saves your visitors time by getting to their destination promptly.
  3. Entertain
    By using engaging content, you can help uplift the mood of your audience and take their minds off the stress that surrounds us.
  4. Give guidelines and encourage healthy habits
    Let your audience know about the current protocols and recommendations to maintain a healthy life. Reiterate the need for social distancing and disinfecting habits.
  5. Recognize achievement
    Support and motivate your staff and colleagues by recognizing their efforts and achievements.
  6. Communicate alerts
    You can quickly override all screens to show urgent alerts, further information, and instructions as to how to proceed further.

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