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Winning Digital Customer Engagement Tactics


Many businesses mistaken Digital Customer Engagement to be a mere IT system change or upgrade but the reality of the matter is that it’s a transformation process which requires commitment from the business as a whole. Industries that have embraced digital engagement include financial services, retailers, telecoms and parastatals and many others.  In this digital […]

How to make the most of your digital signage these holidays


The festive season is arguably the most important retail period, emotions are high, shopping centres are packed, and potential customers are distracted and rushing to get their shopping done. Digital Signage allows you to engage with customers on an emotional level but also catch their attention. If used properly can make your campaign stand out […]

Are you Digitally Aware of the IoT?


  Imagine: You walk into a retail store. As you enter you notice that there’s a different feeling, something has changed. Today the customers are engaged. They are interacting with the product and having a conversation with the brand. How did this conversation start? What changed? The change began with a connection. Like all good conversations, […]

The New Media Age – Digital Media Trending


The Information Age, the Digital Age or the New Media Age, whatever name you use, it has been with us since the introduction of the personal computer. But we as a society and the technology we use are no longer confined to our pc’s, cellphones and tablets. Wearable technology, the Internet of things and Artificial […]

Celebrating Women in Television Broadcasting This Women’s Month


  The month of August is upon us and in South Africa, it commemorates the historic afternoon of August 9th 1956 when the streets of Pretoria shook under the feet of 20,000 women of all races as they staged a march on the Union Buildings in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas […]

Happy Employee, Happy Employer!


Global Access would like to start off by affirming the dignity of all the people working towards making the South African republic a greater place for all!   With that being said, we think its fundamental to rank employee welfare as the highest order in achieving sustained business success.   If you are a part […]

Welcome to Global Access

Welcome to the new Global Access website! As lead providers of digital signage in South Africa, and content producers for television broadcasting and digital displays across the country, we believe content and design should be fresh, alive and engaging. That was the core re-design focus for our new website, to be a virtual representation of our services, […]

In the world of Digital Signage, Content is King


In the world of Digital Signage, Content is ‘KING’ When we talk about a digital signage network, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most people think of digital signage purely in terms of technology solutions, but very few consider the element that the success of the network depends on – and that […]