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With a team of experienced producers, Global Access assists you in the creation of ideas for content. The whole process, from conceptualization, story board creation, script writing, creative treatment to the delivery of the final programme/video or live broadcast are handled by our proficient team.

Video Production


Our team consists of experienced film makers that have worked on various productions for SABC and DSTV and know how to treat a production with the care it deserves. From the script writing phase to filming at various locations we know how to best engage audiences from all backgrounds and ages. 

Animation, Graphics and Interface design


Our young and dynamic graphics team has extensive experience in digital content creation and takes the time to understand your needs in order to provide the appropriate solutions. We understand that no two clients are the same and we therefore create unique inspired solutions for each individual client, according to their specific needs.

Experienced Coolux Media System content creators and content overseers

Experienced Coolux Media System content creators and content overseers

Global Access Creative Agency are experienced content creators and overseers of Coolux systems and various other media platforms that are used in Digital Signage and multi-media playback.

These systems are used in a variety of locations including retail space, buildings faces, and event shows. Allowing customers to present content to their audiences live, and in unique and dynamic ways on multiple screens. Find out more on Coolux media systems here

Post Production

Video Editing and Final Mix


Our facilities include state of the art Editing Suites, and a Final Mix recording suite. We have on our team a wonderfully experienced editor who has worked on TV shows for SABC and DSTV, ranging from Documentaries, Reality Shows, Magazine Shows and Corporate Shows.


Our Creative Treatment:

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Our Creative team will conceptualize and bring structure to the idea with a storyboard.

Pre-Production (Develop)
Scriptwriting, Quoting, Asset Acquisition, Art Direction and Locations

Once the idea is locked down, our experienced script writer will finalise the script while our Production Manager will source the necessary resources, actors, wardrobe, permissions, props and locations. This can include Green screens, special equipment or permissions.

Lights, cameras, action!

This includes but is not limited to; the filming process, going to different locations or studio, and bringing the idea to life. In animation we bring the characters to realization and breathe life into the world created. We also ensure corporate alignment and immersion.

Post Production
Editing, Sound and Visual Effects

Now our editors begin to stitch together the footage into a seamless story. Our Visual Effects team removes green screens, add fantastic effects and gets the colour just perfect. Finally landing in the Final Mix where the sound is perfected and music to compliment your content!

In DVD, live on Television or over the Internet

The final product is delivered to the client via a broadcast on our DStv channel, web streaming, multiple formats or sent to any local or international broadcaster.

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